Q: Can I wear Nufoot through airport security (TSA)?


A: Nufoot is like any other article of clothing, such as a shirt or skirt. Consider it a pair of protective socks. When going through airport security where you have to take off your shoes or boots, you can slip on Nufoot onto your feet for protection against the dirt and germs. You can walk through the airport security area and Xray area keeping your Nufoot on your feet, just as you would with a pair of socks.



Q: How do I care for my Nufoot?
A: You can machine wash your Nufoot in cold water and air-dry. Or you can hand-wash your Nufoot in cold water with mild soap.
Q: Can I use Nufoot in the pool or beach?

A: Nufoot is designed for indoor use, for the home, office, gym, airplanes, hotels, dormitories, hospitals, etc. It is meant to be used on indoor surfaces, like carpet, hardwood floors or smooth tile floors. The chlorine in the water and the abrasive surface of the pool can shorten the life of the product, as it is taken out of its intended use. The roughness of the sand on the beach can also shorten the life of the product. You may consider a footwear product with vulcanized sole, such as Vibram 5 Fingers for such outdoor usage.



Q: Can I use Nufoot for camping?


A. Nufoot is created for indoor use. When walking on jagged rocks, you would need a footwear product with a hardened sole, such as Tevas, Vibram 5 Fingers, etc.



Q: How does the sizing work?


A: Nufoot is made with 4-way stretch material. Each Nufoot size stretches 2-3 shoe sizes. It is designed to be a snug fit, to give you that barefoot feeling, while protecting your feet from germs, moisture, and yucky floors. Because it is 4-way stretch, if your foot shape is wide or extra wide, consider ordering a size up. If you plan on wearing socks inside Nufoot (for warmth in the fall/winter months), consider ordering a size up. If you plan on wearing Nufoot inside your boots (for warmth and extra padding), consider ordering within your shoe size range. Below is a size chart.




Q: Why is there a neoprene smell?


A: A new pair of Nufoot, fresh out of its protective bag, may have a new neoprene smell. This is not toxic or harmful, just the new smell of the material. Place it in a well-ventilated area and the new neoprene smell will dissipate in a couple of days.



Q: How can I track my order?


A: Within 48 hours of order, you should receive an email from Stamps.com with tracking info for your order. If you do not get this email, please check your SPAM folder.